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Another Winning Moment

We are proud of the people who make a difference in their communities. Share your winning moment with us today.

The Insurance Industry Reloaded: Preparing the Next Generation Talent Pool

 The state of Ohio is fortunate enough to be home to roughly 245 insurance-related companies, which…


A Response to Wells Fargo CEO’s Comments

 If Charles Scharf’s comments on the summer conference call were reframed as a question, it might…


My Optimistic Thoughts on Higher Education Fundraising After Covid-19

 Now the question that remains is: how will donor relations recover from this pandemic? When can…


Breaking The Mold: Higher Education Pivots Amid Pandemic

By Zillah Fluker, Ph.D. and Staci Jones Sweeping across the globe at a rapid pace, the…


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As part of the Why Not Win Institute’s portfolio of offerings, 20 Minutes of Winning provides concise coverage of vital concepts that can help people win in business and win in life. In each episode, these highly successful individuals discuss one of life’s opportunities in order to provide actionable advice that can lead to more winning.

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